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About Kota Damansara


Kota Damansara is an interesting township that was previously a forest reserve. Solely owned by PKNS, development first started in 1992; where PKNS was later joined by other private ventures with the primary ones being Sunway Bhd, Encorp, Sunsuria, Dijaya Corporation and the Andaman Group.

Development of Kota Damansara picked up drastically once it was joined by private organizations. There is a very broad range of residential areas here, mixed in with factories and office towers. Some of the areas are quite defined, where Section 9 boasts high end bungalows and a graveyard that caused much controversy, while Section 7 houses low cost flats and the MBPJ public hall.

The entirety of Kota Damansara boasts a wide mix of ethnic groups and even migrants from across all walks of life, but each section of the locality has a concentration of certain criteria of people only. As an example, Section 9 is tenanted by the high income group of Chinese and Malay ethnic groups with a smattering of expats, while Section 7 would generally house those of the lower income group.

Development has been extremely heavy in Kota Damansara with the initial property investors earning quintuple their capital in returns and growing, while its future prospects is even brighter due to the upcoming Kota Damansara MRT Station that will provide convenient transport into the city centre, all the way to Kajang.

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