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Johor is a huge state in Malaysia that is located on the southernmost end of the country. It neighbours Singapore, with the capital city, Johor Bahru, facing borders with said country. Being one of Malaysia’s major ports throughout history, the root of its culture derives from different influences including the Javanese, Arabs and Bugis.

The name “Johor” originates from an adaptation of an Arabic word that means “precious stone”, relating to the abundance of gemstones near the Johor River. The area has remnants of prehistoric settlements including a bronze bell from around 150 A.D. that is found near the Muar River.

Johor’s property market was going strong before the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Singaporeans have invested in houses here for rental or retirement due to how prosperous the state is. People in Johor were known to be well-cared for with good road conditions and a culture that encourages recycling. However, when the pandemic arrived, prompting borders to close, it resulted in many vacant properties that couldn’t be rented out.

Despite that, foreign interest in Johor properties still remains high during this challenging period. A steady post-pandemic recovery seems hopeful as the residential sub sector has recently started improving, especially since Singapore borders started opening again. There are other factors contributing to the improvement including the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2020 - 2021, discounts from developers and new policies that encourage foreign investors.

Two attractions here were surrounded by hype when they first launched; Hello Kitty Town, the first of its kind outside of Japan, and Legoland, the very first international theme park in Malaysia. Both are must-visits for locals who want a taste of the overseas experience and for parents who want their young ones to have memorable childhood experiences.

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