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Klang which is otherwise known to the very much older folk as Kelang is the royal seat of the Sultan of Selangor. As dictated by history, the original populace of any place in the world starts from main sources of water. Klang is no different, being located next to the Klang River.

Many historical artifacts have been found in the area, some of them dating back to the second century B.C. The locality is well segregated, with Port Klang which is located within Klang being home to one of the busiest container and transshipment port in the world while the housing developments are located further inland.

There are few new housing developments and constructions in the area, with most of the older developments consisting of landed properties of rather large built-ups. The majority of the population in Klang are Chinese, with the minority group being Indians and Malays along with some migrants.

Despite being one of the original settlements in Malaysia, Klang strikes some as a sleepy town that is somewhat lost in the ages. Cost of living here is comparatively lower than that of the city centre in Kuala Lumpur, although it is located only half an hour away, and houses here are noticeably more affordable. Nevertheless, many of those who live here are of the middle and upper middle income group.

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