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Properties for Sale in Putrajaya

Putrajaya is the government hub of Malaysia, previously a palm oil land that was developed to become the new government seat. Located almost an hour away from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, the entire government office moved here in 1999.

The houses in Putrajaya are extremely modern, with a western design of no fencings surrounding the homes despite not being a gated and guarded area. Security is however quite tight, as due to the many dignitaries living in the area, there are frequent police patrols.

The majority of the residents who live in Putrajaya are the government residents themselves, and as such the majority of the residents are of the Malay ethnicity group. Prices of the homes in this area is very steep due to the very large built-ups and excellent designs of the homes.

Property development here is however very much controlled due to proximity to many government buildings along with being an already well planned township, hence property investors will need to look to the neighboring Cyberjaya for any investment prospects.

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