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Petaling Jaya is an extremely large and sprawling city within the state of Selangor. It is unique to Peninsular Malaysia, being one of the three cities within the state of Selangor; only declared as a city on 20th June 2006.

Petaling Jaya is the prosperous satellite city of Kuala Lumpur, with there being a diverse and healthy mix of races with the minority group being a few expats. Many important people live within certain areas of Petaling Jaya such as at Section 5, Section 11 and Section 12, including many Dato’s and Tan Sri’s, along with many multimillionaires. As such, it is also a prime area for snatch thefts where morning joggers are the main prey. House break-ins are fairly common as well, hence many of the houses have guard dogs if not a personal security team.

There are the “lower cost” areas as well such as at Section 17 where there are a few supposedly low cost flats tenanted mostly by Malays, as well as a good number of run-down single storey terrace houses that mainly house university students.

Development in the city of Petaling Jaya is as such that land is becoming a highly prized commodity, with there being high expectations of good returns upon completion of the TTDI MRT Station in 2017. Traffic flow is also expected to increase drastically with the number of new condominiums and shopping malls cropping up on every available piece of land.

The property market in this area is particularly insane, as more and more companies turn their greedy eyes toward the property market. A good example is F&N (Fraser and Neave), who demolished their factory in Section 13 of Petaling Jaya and are planning to build a mixed development on that piece of land, including serviced apartments, office lots, retail lots and a hotel. F&N is a beverage company.

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