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About Kepong

Kuala lumpur

Kepong is a large town located close to the city center of Kuala Lumpur, boasting a wide range of different types of residences. Depending on which area you choose to visit, there can be either low cost flats, mid-range terrace houses or high end gated and guarded residences.

The gated and guarded residences are generally located further out on the fringes of Kepong such as at Bandar Menjalara, while the lower end homes are concentrated in the heart of Kepong around Jinjang Utara (North Jinjang) and Jinjang Selatan (South Jinjang).

Kepong was formed during the British occupation when the governing party attempted to segregate the races in order to prevent revolution against them, and the Chinese people were allocated this area. As such, to this day the majority of the residents in Kepong are of the Chinese race.

The entirety of Kepong is generally highly congested, but due to its central location many developers hunt for empty parcels of land to develop. Although there are many new developments coming up here, buyers are hesitant to make their purchases as Kepong has a high crime rate especially in areas such as at Jalan Ipoh where snatch theft is common.

Aside from that, many of the new developments are surrounded by low cost flats and the like, as the only free parcels of land are located in these such areas. Nevertheless, increment of prices in this area is steady, if for nothing but its location.

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