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About Old Klang Road

Kuala lumpur

Old Klang Road is the latest in property booms in Kuala Lumpur. Land owners and owners of abandoned factories of unknown names have leapt on the boat of chance and turned their hands to property developments, causing Old Klang Road to very suddenly be filled with new condominium projects.

The area has great investment prospects due to its proximity to both the city centre and Petaling Jaya, if it was not for the fact that Old Klang Road is a deadlock of traffic congestion every morning, with no new plans of connecting roads to highways.

As such, any who look to invest in property in this area would want to think twice as residents who are familiar with the area will be quick to voice out that the lack of entry and exit roads is a major problem during peak hours.

Scott Garden which is an integrated development also located in Old Klang Road is an excellent example of a fully sold out development which many of the residential units stand empty and untenanted, flooding the subsale and rental market; a condition that many of the locals in the area expect to see of the new and upcoming developments on the same road.

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