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Kuala lumpur

Once an abandoned quarry site, Desa ParkCity is now a mixed development located on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur designed to embody the concept of live, work and play. With several awards under the developer of Desa ParkCity’s belt, it is set to be one of Malaysia’s most affluent residential areas.

With a shopping mall named The Waterfront located within its vicinity, residents of Desa ParkCity will have an ease of access to plenty of amenities. Residents have also mentioned that Desa ParkCity is one of its kind and living here is a unique experience.

One of the most unique experiences of living in this township that is most talked about by visitors and residents of Desa ParkCity is the tolerance of dogs in all areas, including the shopping malls and fields which are dog-friendly. Due to this, it is understandable why the majority of the residents who live here are of the Chinese ethnic group.

It is fairly common for there to be visitors during the weekends, who come here to jog by the lakeside or who bring their trained dogs to run free in the fields and socialise with other dogs.

Striving to be a self-sufficient community, Desa ParkCity comes with an international school within its confines. Coming with choices of homes which ranges from condominiums to bungalows and everything in between, Desa ParkCity provides its residents a comfortable and urban environment to live in.

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